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Frontier Mediation Services was founded on, and is dedicated to the philosophy of resolving disputes between parties in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Litigation almost always involves an expensive, burdensome, time-consuming, emotionally draining and unsatisfying process that can take years.  At Frontier Mediation Services, we believe that alternative dispute resolution, when used properly, can be an invaluable tool to resolve disputes amicably short of long and protracted litigation, discovery and trial.   

Founder Troy Ukasick is an attorney, licensed in Colorado and Wyoming (and California - inactive status) with 30 years of extensive, exclusive and relevant experience litigating serious personal injury lawsuits, assessing case value and issues, attending settlement conferences, negotiating settlements with attorneys and insurance adjustors and receiving successful jury trial verdicts for his clients on significant matters. 

Troy has a unique background having advocated on "both sides of the bar" for decades.  Not only has he served as insurance defense counsel to some of the largest insurance companies in the world, but he has also represented numerous seriously injured victims of the negligence of others on the plaintiff's side of the table.  This broad perspective, background and experience provides the credibility, compassion, understanding and trust needed by both sides of a dispute to create a suitable environment for settlement.

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